Work With Us

Working with Fact3 Retreats is an adventure all in itself! Are you ready to make an income from changing people’s lives?

Fact3 is different from other retreat centres in that we offer our teachers full flexibility. Here’s some of the way we work with inspired, dedicated teachers from around the world:

• Fact3 Branded Retreats:

We architect, plan and organise retreats, and hire teachers at a flat fee for these specific events. These are our signature events, with our unique style. Teachers benefit by not taking any financial risks, having very little organisational burden and getting to teach to a new audience each time. Getting hired as a Fact3 teacher means you get to focus on your classes and content, we’ll take care of the rest. We do expect our teachers to leverage their social capital and share the event with their networks, but we do a fair amount of independent marketing. Perfect for teachers new to the retreat world who want to gain experience with minimal risk.

• Teacher Branded Retreats:

So you have a wild dream about a retreat but need an experienced partner to help make it happen? Fact3 loves supporting teachers who are reaching for their dreams. If you have a special retreat planned and would like to take control of the style, content, schedule and finances; this is for you. We charge a flat fee for venue hire, staff, catering, organisation, etc; and you get to keep the lion’s share of the profits. This is great for more experienced, confident teachers with a large network who want to charge premium prices for their services.

• Volunteer Programs:

So you’re coming to Fact3 to teach an exclusive retreat, but want to extend your stay and make an impact in the community? Fact3 helps organise community programs and free classes at our venue. Whether it’s yoga, theater, business or meditation; we connect you with community members who are eager to learn, advertise your offer and provide a space and support for you to share your light.

To learn more about our volunteer programs and how we’re making an impact in our community, visit our Fact3 Community site.