Teacher Feature: Barry O’Neill of Grassroot Coaching

We’ve had a whirlwind of a week since the launch of Fact3 Retreats with our first ever Teacher’s Retreat this past weekend! We’re finally back at the computer and ready to fill you in on everything you missed out, but first we wanted to share a little about one of our favourite teachers from this weekend (ok, ok you were ALL favourites! We on’t know where to start!). Introducing the wonderful Barry O’Neill, Business and Life Coach and founder of Grassroot Coaching. Barry taught an interactive session on The Power of Coaching for Mental Wellbeing.

Here’s what happened when we asked him a bit more about himself:

Barry O'Neill Grassroot Coaching“I’m an EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) accredited Coach Practitioner with 8 years of experience in coaching. This experience has mainly been gained in the corporate world but has also been focused in the areas of life and business coaching. As well as being an accredited CP, I’m a qualified Insights Discovery Practitioner (a psychometric tool) and often use this as a basis to kick-start any new coaching relationship.

Currently I’m employed as Head of Program Management for the largest BPO provider in Africa, CCI South Africa, but I’ve just launched my own Coaching Consultancy; Grassroot Coaching.”

Barry’s ‘Silent Coaching’ session had us focus on the key questions surrounding a goal or barrier in our lives and exploring our feelings, thoughts and limiting beliefs surrounding the issue. It was a great way to identify what’s really holding us back from living our fullest lives, and a very moving practice! It was definitely a highlight for many of the retreat goers, and we’re really looking forward to hearing more from Barry soon. Watch this space as we’re developing a weekend long program to help you explore the benefits of coaching and Insights Discovery to grow your business, live the life you really want, and follow your purpose to build a better world.

Find out more about Barry O’Neill and Grassroot Coaching here: on Facebook, or visit their website GrassrootCoaching.com

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