Teacher Feature: Jenna Lee Strugnell of Tales of Turning

With only 10 days to go till the Fact3 Teacher’s Retreat, it’s time for a Fact3 Teacher Feature on one of the great facilitators who will be joining us at the retreat.

We chatted to Jenna Lee Strugnell, a narrative therapist with a passion for peace building and resolving gender based conflict about her offering at the retreat.

Share a brief Bio of yourself, your experience, qualifications and interest in your topic.

I have a BA in Psychology as well as Psychology Honors. I’m currently enrolled for Masters in Peacebuilding with a focus on reducing gender based violence, by exploring alternative stories of masculinity that are more supportive of women and of peace. My training includes Narrative Therapy, Counselling, Brain Gym and Applied Behavioural Analysis. I’m the founder of a Non-Profit organization, Tales of Turning, which runs mothers support groups in under-resourced areas as well as workshops to reduce gender based violence.

What will you be sharing with us at the Fact3 Teacher’s Retreat?

The Art of Self-Nurturing – this workshop aims to create a safe space where we can delve into the hidden possibilities that are located within ourselves. We’ll explore the importance of implementing practices of self-care and self-love into our daily routines. Through a narrative therapy activity we’ll explore our positive attributes and we’ll complete the session by writing a love letter to ourselves.

We can’t wait to share this experience with Jenna, and the rest of the amazing teachers. If you’d like to know more about her NGO and her work, check out Tales Of Turning

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