The Fine Print

We know it’s a bore, but in the desire for full transparency and clarity, here’s our Terms and Conditions. Please make sure you read this before you book with us.

We keep it PLUR: Peace Love, Respect and Unity. Listen before you assume, soften into it before reacting, own your own stuff and keep your integrity high. It’s tough to do, but it makes our world that much kinder each day.

Terms and Conditions

• Fact3 reserves the right to reject any application to book at any time before the deposit is paid due to availability or management’s discretion. Submitting a booking form does not guarantee a booking.
• Failure to pay deposits and settle the full amount within specified time frames may result in a cancelation of your booking.
• Bookings are not secured until deposits are received.
• Bookings and accommodation are on a first-come first-serve basis.
• For group bookings, each participant must fill out a separate booking form, but please email all forms together so that we can accommodate you together where possible.
• Unless otherwise stated, retreats are inclusive of all accommodation, meals, workshops and tours; but attendees are responsible for any personal expenses incurred (gift shop, restaurants etc). Unless otherwise stated meals are vegetarian/vegan, served 3 times per day.
• Although we make every effort to keep our attendees comfortable, safe and looked after; Fact3 accepts no liability for any injury, loss, damage to person or property occurring during a retreat. All attendees are encouraged to look after their personal belongings, and provide accurate emergency contact and medical aid information in case of emergency.
• Retreat attendees are expected to carry themselves in a respectful manner, and to make efforts not to disturb fellow attendees. No hate speech, threatening or aggressive behaviour or harassment towards attendees, teachers or staff will be tolerated. Should an attendee violate this code of conduct, they may be asked to leave the premises immediately without refund or recourse.
• No illicit activities or illegal substances will be tolerated on the retreat premises or for the duration of the retreat. Should an attendee be found with illegal substances (on or off the premises) or engaging in illegal activities, they may be asked to leave the retreat immediately without refund or recourse and the appropriate authorities notified.

Cancellation Policy

• Cancellations made with at least 2 months notice before the commencement of the retreat, will be refunded in full, minus a 10% admin fee.
• Cancelations made with 1 months notice will be refunded at 50% the full cost.
• Cancellations made with two weeks or less notice will not be refunded.
• All percentages are based on the full cost of the retreat, and not the deposit cost.
• Should you wish to transfer your booking to another participant instead of cancelling, you will be charged a 5% admin fee to amend the particulars of the attendees.
• In cases of emergencies, death of a loved one, illness or disaster that cause you to miss a retreat; Fact3 may make efforts to transfer your booking to future convenient date, but makes no guarantee of doing so. Should the future dated retreat cost more than the retreat originally booked for, the attendee must cover the difference.